Gestgare the software

It is common knowledge in the Italian scene that Hard-Soft counts among its activities the scripting of a software to manage shooting matches. This is the result of a technical ( about shooting) and software knowledge that since 1984 let Hard-Soft be the first Italian company to design an administration computer system for the shooting matches.

After a testing time of two years to manage almost all the final matches of the Italian chanpionship and the qualification ones of the FITAV, this software got its best application running the international match es taken place in Italy, like the different editions of Gran premio delle Nazioni in Montecatini, the World Championships and the European Championships. Than it is used as interface by the different tv speakers for the live broadcasting to report the matches results, like it happens during the Formula one races.

These experiences made the Hard-Soft and its products be a reliable and innovating program to the attention of the shooting world. Many Italian shooting clubs use this software to solve the administration shooting matches problems.

Today foreign associations contact Hard-Soft to run the international matches, thanks to the automatic acquisition interfaced data system, tested during "Giochi del Mediterraneo", in 1997.

Technical data:
  1. the written procedure Visual Basic, needs to run: a Pc Pentium 100, 32Mb Ram, 1 Gb HDD
The system gives:
  1. To run different kind of matches(continues or with drawing of lot) To consulte the information in the Shooters List from the ISSF archives to check the categories and the card members.
  2. The chance to provide all the information about the match (shooters, charts, rifles, cartridges and so on) on a floppy disk or cd room to deliver to the Technical Sporting Office at the end of the event.
  3. To delivery the final results about different matches: valid clays, differences zero, no valid matches.
  4. Many reports, like the "shooters score", very useful to the athletes and their coaches to check their errors!!!
  5. Printing posters at the notice boards and the statements.
  6. To be connected to the different systems of "Administration Fields" by interfaced archives.
  7. The program is easy to install. There is the Help function, describing in detail the different operations to make easy the use. Right now Hard-Soft is the company managing the information technology system of FITAV, so its administration matches software, on demand, is totally able to be interfaced to the technical office of FITAV and The Head quarter of ISSF, it’s the official software for ISSF Shotgun competitions around the world and it’s ISSF rules approved.